A consummate professional and perfectionist in all that he does, Anthony Raynard started riding motocross at the young age of 10 on a 65cc.  It was however, only in 2008, when he started taking racing seriously by being head hunted and joining a professional racing team.

With many hours on the track and gym, working on skills, fitness and bike settings, 2009 was a breakthrough year for Anthony. Stepping onto the podium on a number of occasions throughout the year, but ultimately finishing 3rd in the MX1 and MX2 classes.

Since then, Anthony has dedicated himself to every facet of the sport to continue his success.  Not only is Anthony, a fantastic role model on the track, but off the track too, representing his sponsors to their full potential.

With countless amount of falls and broken bones his motto of “QUITTERS NEVER WIN, WINNERS NEVER QUIT” has ensured that he gets back on his bike every time, stronger and more determined than last.

With Anthony pushing himself beyond his limits he lives for “right now”… This isn’t the last you have seen of him. The best is yet to come.

And with this he ends off… Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul!!!


NAME: Anthony “ACE” Raynard

DOB: 19-02-1990

ADDRESS: Cape Town, South Africa

CONTACT NO: +27 73 22 99 771

EMAIL: anthony.raynard@gmail.com

NATIONALITY: South African

RACING REGION: Western Province Regional and Club Championship

South African National Championship

World MX Grand Prix’s & Selected International events


2008 RACING TEAM: Pelotrain Indo-Atlantic Yamaha MX Team

2009 – 2011 RACING TEAM: Pelotrain Honda SA MX Team

2012 RACING TEAM: Portable Shade Honda SA MX Team

2013 – 2014 RACING TEAM: Kawasaki SA / Red Bull

2015 RACING TEAM: Ace Sports / E2R Husqvarna / Red Bull

2016 RACING TEAM: Ace Sports / Carbon Teck E2R Husqvarna / Red Bull